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Why Should Your Child Learn to Code?

Because coding opens worlds of endless possibilities. We could stop there because that’s the quickest answer, but keep reading, and we’ll tell you a little more about what we have discovered happens when kids learn coding through play!

LEGO® Robot Programming for kids

Ask your child what they would make a robot toy do if they had one, and we’ll guarantee the answer will either make you laugh, wonder, start a lively discussion about what makes humans human and robots robots, or all of the above. A robot building kit is a cool way for boys and girls alike to build and program their own version of what a robot should look and act like. (You don’t have to tell them it’s educational, too.) It can be cute, cool, dangerous, helpful, funny or even acrobatic. It’s a fun project they can work on as a hobby, alone, with friends, or with your help. The possibilities are endless.

We are now offering one hour classes after school for your child or children to build lego and code at the same time.

Please note: Currently only children from the Gaelscoil Rathnew can book in but more locations will be announced over the coming weeks.

To book your child or children into the Lego Coding Club on a Thursday in the Gaelscoil, please tick the box on the weekly Booking Form.

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